Pure Exhilaration!

There is nothing more exciting than getting lost.  Just dropping everything and taking off on some wild and exciting adventure.  At leaving your worries behind, and seeping in all the amazing intricate details of what surrounds you.  I remembered this feeling once, but it’s so hard to recollect, I needed to go find it again.  I needed to get lost, and enjoy the little things that make me tick.  So last Wednesday I did just that.  I threw on my running clothes, a stocking hat, gloves, my broken in running shoes, and my ipod filled with a playlist of random inspiration songs ready to fill my mind with the juice it needed.  I had no route in mind, no distance, no goal, no time to be back, and no reason to not go….and I loved it. 

It was a blustery day with 20 mile hour winds that chilled you from within.  There were leaves chasing eachother and pacing me down the road.  I just continued with one foot in front of the other.  My mind was blank to what has been going on in life.  It was just me and the road.  As I came to a cross road, I decided I needed a place to go where I could saok in every detail of the world that surrounded me.  Someplace that hadn’t become second nature, someplace new and different.  So I opted to venture down the beaten path to a trail in the woods.  I often avoided the trail cause it was an out and back route.  I hate out and backs.  But today I rolled with it.  I just kept trucking, not looking at the time, and where I would end, I just went.

As I continued along the trail, I finally realized wow, I’m still running.  I haven’t stopped to walk, I don’t need a drink, I’m not worried about my pace, and I am still running.  I opted not to look at my watch for fear that the mind games would begin.  So I kept on not worrying about anything.

When I came upon another cross road, I decided I needed a few good hills.  I needed to face the defeat that I tend to shy away from.  I braved the headwinds and took to the road.  I forced myself to keep trucking….If I walk I get cold.  If I walk I lose the beat of the music, If I walk I am no longer runing…and I was loving this run.  The music helped me get lost on this journey. MMmm, it was delicious.  Everything about this feeling felt so magical.  It was just me.  I was in control.  I decided where to go, how far, how fast, what tunes, and I was rocking this run.

When I finally returned to the cozy place I currently call home, I felt on top of the world.  When I actually figured it out…I just ran 10 miles….10 miles with hills, and wind.  10 miles by myself…no one to pace me, to cheer me on.  I was all I needed.  Runs of 10+ were the runs I dreaded not enjoyed.  I just defeated everything inside of me that has been holding back.  I was back.  Spontaneous and adventurous….it was pure exhilaration!


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