Laid to rest!

So until recently I have been fretting and consuming myself with every detail of my wedding, which is just less than a year away.  I have the dress, I have the reception planned, I have the favors the invites, most of the flowers, the tuxes arranged, the bridesmaids dresses determined, the music, the photographer….to say the least I’m way ahead of every blessed bridal guide time-line imaginable.  And now I’m saying…why? Why am I spending essential minutes, hours, days and weeks of my life freaking out about the fine details of one day of my life! I vow that I WILL NOT be a Bridezilla….so, I’m done.  I’m done freaking out, I’m done planning.  I think around March or so I pick up the slack and nonchalantly put together any last details…you know like the pastor and the cake, minor!

I have reckoned the caniving bridal beast that has been heaving the plans of bridal insanity into my brain for the past 4 months and laid her to rest! RIP Pshyco Bride, hello sanity!


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