I’ve come to the conclusion that I can rationalize anything.

Like today, I went back to the refrigerator looking for a morning snack.  I found apple slices and homemade caramel dip.  There were two batches of caramel dip (which i might add probably have more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac).  So I decided I would take from the batch that was almost gone, the one with the nuts.

As I was eating my 10th apple slice I thought,  I might as well just finish this container of dip and then I can wash it out.  Wasn’t that polite of me not to put an almost empty container back for someone else to clean out? Well coming to that conclusion made me realize, I can double dip now, since no one else will be eating from this container of dip.  So of course instead of having 1 heaping pile of caramelly, sweeted cream cheese and brown sugar with nuts on a wafer thin apple slice, I was having at least 2 heaping scoops.  I even was making an attempt to eat smaller bites so I could scrape the container with the piece of eaten apple wedge.  Grabbing a spoon and just eating the caramel straight might be easier, but not nearly as healthy-trust me the thought enterred my mind!

So after 24 apple slice, 3 cups of caramel dip, 3600 calories and pure delightment, I realized…I just had a serving of fruit and protein; what a great way to start off my day with a healthy snack.


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  1. Ya know Heidi, you are a great writer! Did you ever realize that? I found that ring that I told you about from Grandma Heberling. Email me your address so that I can send it to you.

    One of your Minnesota connections

    PS: had to give my blog address, too, 🙂

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