Last night I went to Barnes & Noble with a coupon, and several titles in mind.  After a bit of wandering the store looking and titles, picking up a few that looked and sounded interesting.  I settled into a cozy chair and immersed myself into the first book.  I started with one that looked like an easy 1 day read, that would keep me enthralled throughout the book.   After reading a few pages, I confirmed the fact that I could easily read that book.  So I set it aside putting it in the “buy” pile.  Next was onto a book that I picked up cause it was recommended and I liked the look of the cover.  Wow…within seconds I felt like the author of this book was taking a deep look inside my soul and saying, “come on girlfriend, you need to explore life.” Her rationalized thought process and random comments made me feel like my twin was writing this book.  Unfortunately the vent above me was blowing cold air, and I so wanted to cuddle up under a cozy blanket and get lost in this book (which I can honestly say, doesn’t happen very often!!!).  So a quick glance over Brent and we optically agreed to gather our purchases and head home.

I walked out of the store with the feeling of liberation, acceptance, gratification, and the desire to go put some comfy’s.  Oh…to reveal the titles: Eat, Pray, Love;  The Book Thief (thanks to Krista’s recommendation); and 90-minutes in Heaven.  I was so moved by the experience that I bought a book to donate to a Foster Child, and an entertainment coupon book….which I might add just added to the excitement.  Now I have a gazillion places to wine, dine and explore at a discounted rate! mmm, sigh! Oh, and I couldn’t leave the store without continuing my liberation.  Brent splurged and we shared a toasty Chai tea for the chilly ride home.


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