so adorable!

I want a puppy.  I keep hearing about all my friends furry kids at home and I feel like that’s the next best thing to kids….in fact might even be WAY better than kids at this point in my life. 

A lady came into the office today with 2 labraddoodles, one black and one golden.  Oh my god….. they are going to be heart breakers.  They were so mellow, and so ridiculously cute, I could have just taken them home right then and there.  They were only 5 weeks old and were so confused about the long leash attached to their necks.  They just meanderred around checking things out.  They were both so calm and laid back.  After a bit the one got tired, so she just plopped on the floor under a chair and fell to sleep.  Precious little angels indeed!

According to my co-workers who have dogs, the owner had all the right answers and clearly a reasonable price (considerring what they go for other places)! I want one!



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