What a weekend

So I was all excited to start of my weekend at Archiver’s a scrapbooker’s heaven.  I signed up several weeks ago to just immerse myself into a sea of creativeness and hopefully be somewhat productive in the end.  I was all pumped to pull out some of my favorite beach pictures in North Carolina.  What I didn’t realize was that was the start of a scrapbooking frenzy of a weekend.

In case you haven’t met me, I’m a bit addicted to this whole scrapbooking business.  To me, my scrapbooks are my babies, let’s say this….  if there were a fire in my house, I would risk my life to save my scrapbooks, pictures and some of my favorite supplies and tools.  I think Brent and I figured I have several thousands of dollars invested in this “hobby” (obsession, whatever you wish to call it.) But then I quickly reminded Brent that his hobby is a Harley’s (pretty sure he’s got a few  grand on me, more like 10-20 grand….) so the way I see it, I have a long ways to go to catch up to him.

Needless to say, when I came home on Friday, I couldn’t sleep.  I had an idea for my next layout.  I quickly hauled in my 5 bins of stuff and reorganized myself all over the dining room table, sprawling onto the breakfast bar, and creeping into the living room.  I spend HOURS on my pages.  They are works of art to me.  Of course, after going to bed at 3 AM, I still woke up at 8 AM with another idea of what I could scrap. 

Saturday I had planned a craft shopping excursion with mom and cousins.  Which was exciting too, but I had pages to scrap.  I decided to hunker down and get an idea planned in the measly hour that I had before I needed to get ready.  While I was pumped about the the whole craft shopping experience, I didn’t realize it would send me in a whole new world of creative geniousness.  I came home and was ready to rearrange the living room, to redecorate the house, to start pumping out homemade Christmas ornaments, even review the plethora of wedding decorations that I have compiled and see how they would all look together.  With all these distractions, I finally decided I needed to focus my creative juices into one spectacular masterpiece….what more than scrapbooking. 

I of course opted to skip church yesterday to scrap.  Brent cleaned out the garage, while I scrapped.  I never even showered until 5 PM that how amazing the whole experience was.  Mmmm…heaven sent!

So is it bad that I’m ready to go home sick today, from my lack of sleep and improper nutrition that has sent me on a frenzy of needing to be healed by meticulous scrapbooking layouts and pure bliss!?!?!?  I think I feel a migraine coming…


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2 responses to “What a weekend

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I enjoyed reading your blog – I can relate! Scrappin really pulls out our creative side.

  2. sunshinequeen

    Thanks, I’ll have to post a few. I’m just getting into blogging with some scrapping friends…I always love to get ideas and feedback. I’ll post a few layouts later 🙂

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