I’m going to change the world!

So I spent some time this past weekend, reliving hell and finding heaven! Okay…i know that sounds a little over the top for me, but seriously…what an amazing weekend.

So some of you know that a month or so ago I participated in Challenge Day at one of my schools.  Pretty much amazing.  Well one of the leaders put a bug in my ear that I should be a challenge day leader.  I originally thought I’d love to but can’t.  But through some convincing from him and myself I took the next step.  I spent 3 days this past week, meeting some of the most amazing people in the world. I literally learned so much about myself, it was amazing. 

So here’s what’s happened in a nut shell.  I played games, danced, cried, shared past experiences, played again, felt other people’s pain through their past experiences, danced again, made some pretty cool friends (pics will be posted soon) and now I’m going to change the world. 

You can too.  It starts with a simple act of kindess.  Seek one way you can pay it forward each day. For example, yesterday I bought dinner for my entire table of friends.  My friend paid the toll for the person behind them on the freeway, another friend bought a $10 gift card at the grocery store and gave it to the next person in line, and another thanked a security officer who typically gets words of frustration not gratitude.

But above that, I am going to start acknowledging those that mean the most to me…I mean really acknowledging them.  For example, my fiancee  has been so patient with me and my need to figure out what I want to do with my life.  He supports me in my growth, and allows me the space and time I need to explore and figure things out, but always offers a hand to hold, an ear to listen to whatever is my mind, or a shoulder to cry on when I am so discouraged.  Lately I’ve taken that for granted….he is amazing person who I love and admire! So we are going to have Date nights.  We are making time for each other to offer them our undivided attention.  And I think I’m also going to ask that we share our Highs/Lows each night before we go to bed, and/or get 1 minute of undivided attention to reveal “if you really knew me…” and explore the things that are REALLY on our minds. 

So…that’s it.  Those simple steps.  I know they are easier said than done, but it is a start to something so beautiful! Please join me… Do an act of kindness, pay it forward…. and let me know what you decide to do! You are loved, share it with others and you will get it back ten fold!


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