Photo Shoot…aren’t we cute?

So I recently returned to San Francisco Bay area for a whirlwind of a weekend, as I mentioned in my previous post.  My friend Jon invited us over for the Gordon Thanksgiving….what an experience! While I didn’t get to experience the actual sit down meal, I saw the craziness of hosting 50 plus people.  better yet, I saw the aftermath and all the goofy festivities following the meal.  Honestly it looked like they just fed an army, or the Last Supper, depending on how you look at things.  There was literally food in every common area in the house.  Hmm…and it was delicious.

However following the craziness we kicked back and reminisced.  Since I neglected to take pictures of my latest and greatest friend last time I came to visit, this occasion required it.  As you can see from the pics… it started out pretty chill…

it started as a pretty chill moment….

They progressed to get pretty goofy…..

They progressed to get pretty goofy

Until finally our true feelings emerged.  Honestly, I have no idea what inspired this moment…but whatever it was, it’s now captured and rather entertaining 🙂

Finally our true feelings emerged!

Very entertaining, I love wearing hats!

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