My ten things…or more

I’m thankful that I have an awesome family, that we are “normal” in our own form of the definition. 

I’m thankful that I have 3 pretty cool brothers that allow me to hang out with them; for sister-in-laws that are even cooler and that don’t talk about hunting or fishing at every family get together….and 3 ridiculously cute, fun, and joyful nieces! I’m the luckiest aunt EVER!

I’m thankful that I have  fiancee that allows me to make a mess, and he helps me clean up sometimes.  And for waking up early in the morning, cause you do that SO much better than I EVER will!

I am thankful for my 2 strong legs that take me lots of places, and for deciding to return to running marathons around the country….and that the rest of my body continues to allow that to happen.

 I’m thankful that I continue to meet new people and make new Friends….that my best friends still want to see me and spend time together although our geographical distance continues to grow.

I’m thankful that I have a friend named Jon, who planted a seed in my head, and it keeps growing! I’ve allowed myself to give it light and water it from time to time….and it’s growing.  Maybe I can have a garden some day.

I’m thankful that I got to spend so many wonderful amazing years with my grandma Lange. I’m pretty lucky to have such a wise, hip woman as my gramma….and I’m glad she and grandpa continue to look out for me 🙂

I’m thankful that my ability continue to search and explore all of the terrifying things out there…like text messaging, and blogging.  Also that my mind and eyes, explore new things to do and new places to see….but more importantly in 2007 that I see and do things in a different light than in years past.  I’ve embraced forgiveness, and explored possibilities and seeing people for who they are as loving, often times lonely individuals.

I’m thankful that my car is still alive and kicking, that Brent and I have merged households and are peacefully living together with disappearing storage, and a Harley.

I’m thankful for Wisconsin cheese, and tasting Ghiradelli ice cream while exploring the site of San Fran with new friends. For the mysterious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that show up on my desk on random mornings.  For mouthwatering meals, and the times that I can have chips for dinner, and it’s satisfying.

I’m thankful for camera’s and photos…for capturing the best and worst of times.  And then telling the story through scrapbooks.

I’m thankful that I found my “happy List” that I made years ago and that seeing it made me so happy.  For reliving the creation of that list and smiling at all the random things that continue to make me happy.

I’m thankful for big cities and country woods, for seeing the oceans on both the east coast and west, for bridges that gratify me and birds that make me cringe.  For all the beautiful things that I have yet to see, but look forward to seeing in the coming months, years, decades, as long as my body and mind will allow me to do so!

I’m thankful for the Internet, and for really great bridal bargains that make wedding planning so much more budget friendly and gratifying for people like me who are always looking for the best deal.

I’m thankful for books, and appreciating the stories, wisdom, and experiences they share with all who read them.  That when I read them I see a little piece of myself in the character and they allow me to go on the adventure with them.  For Barnes and Noble being open late and that they have comfy chairs, and I’m a member of the discount club.

I’m thankful that my mom is my best friend!

I’m thankful that my fiancee encourages me to wear cute shoes.  That he is okay with me wearing heals that make me taller than he is.

I’m thankful that I’ve learned to appreciate being a girl and continue to embrace womanhood. 

I’m thankful that I have girlfriends, that we can talk for hours, and catch up after months and years of not keeping in touch.

I’m thankful that I get lots of really great hugs, and I can share my beautiful smile at least once per day (but usually more).  That I can laugh often, and hard!

I’m thankful that I have a really cozy bed to oversleep in, and big cushy couch and chair that suck my body in for hours on dreary days when I want to rest.

I’m thankful for  the ability to be a kid, to play, to dance, to be 4, to enjoy all the little things in life that many people pass by on a daily basis.

Happy THANKS-giving


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