Please Krista

Here are a few reasons why today should be a good day

1. it’s Friday the beginning of the weekend

2.  I feel good today, not sick, healthy strong, happy, good

3.  NE Wisconsin got a little bit of the fluffy white stuff…I love the first snowfall.  It’s so magical and fun.  I get to wear a stocking hat and big cozy sweaters (officially the start of my winter).

But today isn’t all that happy.  My friend is leaving.  Kudos to her for believing in doing something new and exciting…but she’s been so uplifting and entertaining.  She inspired me to start a blog (thanks to her completely entertinaing take on life), and to bury my nose in a book.  She’s a runner, like a real runner, like the kind that makes a point to run everyday, or almost everyday….that’s pretty admirable to me.  She’s made me famous in my own kind of way, you know the kind of media coverage that is fun and nice and plasters my up-close and almost too personal picture on the front page of all the local newspapers.  Who am I going to call when I need some media expertise or coverage on some ridiculously exciting story that I have?  Who am I going to go to lunch with to chat about the latest and greatest, or worst and meanest things happening in our lives.  These are crucial pieces that will be desperately missed. 

I know, technology will keep us in touch…thank god for my addiction to facebook, and now my newest love for blogging…but it’s just not the same.  I want the real Krista, you know the one that talks back to me! So my friends, although today should be a grossly exciting day, there is a hint of melancholy ravishly taking over with the thought that our coffee clutch this afternoon might possibly be the last time for a while that I can humanly give her a hug.

::Pouts:: Stay!

Please??? :: glares with puppy dog eyes::


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2 responses to “Please Krista

  1. Krista

    Aw. I love you!

  2. Sunshine Queen

    I love you too. How are things? You must have been without a computer…cuz I’ve been checking your blog and no new updates…I’ll make sure to check mow!

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