A little excited I was…

On Saturday I went to a tree farm, a Christmas tree farm.  For as long as I can remember (although my mom disagrees) I’ve never rememberred actually go to a tree farm to CUT down a Christmas tree.  Wow, I had no idea how exciting it would be. 

As we pulled up a surge of excitement pulsed through my body…it was like being 4 on a sugar and caffeine high….almost ridiculous.  It was snowing, REALLY SNOWING, we are talking inches! Brent and I had the truck and my mom was along since we had just been gallivanting around the craft shops in search of what else but some holiday decorating necessities.  Which was perfect, she could be the photographer!

When we pulled up I wasn’t really sure how all this worked, there was a shed with trees.  But I insisted we CUT one ourselves.  I was so excited that the heavy metal music playing in the shed didn’t phase me, although Christmas music would’ve been much nicer (I can understand why 5 guys working wouldn’t allow Christmas music).  They directed us down a trail past a sea of evergreen trees.  The trees were in perfect little rows, trimmed to perfection.  We travelled down to the end of the rows contemplating which tree would be just right.  We ventured back to explore which type of tree we wanted, how big, were they poky, would the ornaments hang just right….all these things needed to be considered you know!  We finally decided on a nice size Balsam Fir.  We cut it down, loaded it into the truck and headed on our merry way with our $25. prize.

Yesterday, Brent trimmed the trunk and few branches and walla….it is the perfect size and shape for our cozy apartment.  We trimmed it with lights and ornaments and the rest is history.  What a MAGICAL experience.  EEEEeee!  Brent is quite the trooper.


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