Life since college.

I often get the question from long lost friends who find me on the internet “what have you been up to,” or “what have you done since college.” Typically I give them a quick one liner, “Not much, lived in Chicago for a few years.” But there are some amazing things I’ve done, that I’m proud of, so here is the quick detailed outlined version of what I’ve done since college.

1.  I spent a year teaching in Chicago Public schools.  My first class had students from 18 different countries.  They were the most amazing students ever.  I still remember most of there names which can be tough at times.  Then I switched at semester to teach PreK-3 PE and coached middle school Softball.  All in all amazing experience until my school closed.

2. Next Chapter- find a job.  Sent out tons of resumes and applications all over the country.  I received a few interviews, and ended up getting a job 30 minutes from my previous school, in a district on the north shore of Chicago.  I never sent my resume there, so i find it interesting that they found me (I got the job)!  I settled down and bought a home and was enjoying my Chicago life.

3.  Somewhere on my “life list of things to do” I had scribbled running a marathon.  So I trained for my first marathon through Team in Training in 2004.  I ran it in Anchorage, AK.  Not the flattest race I ever ran! But since I have completed 6 full marathons and 2 halves with a few more on the agenda. I beat Opera 🙂

4. A few curve-balls came flying at me.  I had a year of ups and downs, make ups and ultimately a bad break up with a long time boyfriend.  I have since appreciated that year since I learned so much from the experience and so many opportunities came from that year.  Hence, I decided I needed a change of view and decided to move back to Wisconsin.  I pretty much just put my house up for sale and turned in my resignation without a clue as to what I was going to do…but some how it all worked out! I have a pretty entertaining job that somehow got me involved in politics…I know I’m still taken back by that!

5.  Today I sit pretty comfortable. I am planning a wedding to my trooper of a fiancee Brent.  I continue to travel, and Brent is learning to admire my love for exploring the world outside the confines of Wisconsin.  Likewise, Brent introduced me to his love of riding the Harley.  Together we have spent weeks touring the country on our chrome, black and yellow beauty, without doors or windows to roll down.  Brent is always designated driver, I takes naps and pictures.  “The Mistress” has become a member of the family.  I currently don’t know what to do with my life….I guess that will be the next chapter titled “My Quarter-life (plus a few) crisis.”

So what have you done since college?  What are your dreams? Any suggestions for what I might do next?  Hope this finds you enjoying life 🙂


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