Am I suppose to get along with these people?, they come with getting married.  And since we live 4-hours away from the fiance’s home town, we have the pleasure of hosting them from time to time.  Entertaining them, feeding them, and completely amusing them with all the wild and crazy things we are planning to spend their money on…wedding plans. 

I was a bit nervous, and when I get nervous I fart.  The apartment was chaotic…the spare bedroom only allowed enough room for a trail in which to get from the door, sweep past the closet to the computer.  The one bed had a mile high pile a full of my clothes that I have yet to hang from the past 3 months…yes there are still shorts, and sundresses in that pile…it’s literally been 3 months. 

So needless to say, it wasn’t the most pristine our apartment has ever been.  Brent did convince me to clean off the dining room table so we could eat dinner.  That involved finding  a bag to stuff everything into and hide into one of the already over-flowing closets.

But Friday night came and went, as did Saturday and Sunday and….wallah.  They are still letting Brent marry me.  I was honest and told them that I thought they’d still love us no matter what our house looked like.  Although I must say they were mighty impressed with our ability to tastefully stuff as many Christmas decorations into every crevasse of the apartment as possible. 

So I guess it wasn’t half bad as what I expected.  I think I’ll keep Brent and the in-laws.  Most people complain about their in-laws…I think I like this in-law business…ask me again in 10 years.  Maybe then I’ll have a clean house! (I really hope it’s a house by then).


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