This week I want a dog?!

I’m having a quarter life crisis (clearly I’m going to live to 110).

(Scream) “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.”

2 weeks ago I wanted to be a challenge day leader.  In fact I still do, but this time of year I love being close to home, and experiencing snow and fun winter stuff…but mostly it’s the family thing.  And being a challenge day leader requires me to live in California, really far away from family.  And Brent isn’t going to move…which is okay, cause I’d be travelling around the world, so I could come “home” (aka Wisconsin) on the weekends.  Then there is the financial aspect of things…sustaining life in Wisconsin…aka credit cards, etc.

I also was thinking about joining the Peace Corp and letting it take me whereever, that was last week.  But that quickly was nixed, that might disconnect me from common day living a little too much…like my addiction to the internet, and my cell phone connection to home.  Brent and I need to maintian a relationship/marriage somehow.  I don’t think he’s to keen on being a nomad, I look at it as an adventure. A few weeks-months might be okay, few years…auwh, I’ll keep exploring other option.

That brings us to current day.  I don’t enjoy the politicalness of my current job.  I’m not a fan of corporate world (they don’t hug, it’s pretty cold).  So although I never thought I’d say this, I think I want to go back to teaching. Or be a camp director?!? That would be nice now that Brent and I are getting married, and he’s a teacher.  We’d be on the same schedules…we could travel in the summer.  Although that has proven in the past to become rather expensive.  And off travelling deals are hard to come by peak season, which coinsidently coincides with the teaching schedule.  Although if I stay grounded, I can buy a house and get a dog….and today that sounds like fun!

Typically I don’t ask for much feedback, and writing to the universe that doesn’t talk back is somewhat entertinaing….today might be different.  I’m looking for suggestions.  Nothing is too ridiculous.  So bring it! Leave a comment or email me!  What should I do with my life?


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