This is what happens when we go to church!

Yesterday in a whim Brent & I decided to go to church to see my niece in her Christmas program. We rushed there and had planned to look at houses after church.

As we were leaving church my dad invited us over for lunch.  I mentioned we’d stop for a bit but we were going to look at houses. 

“Where are you looking at houses?” dad asked.

“Appleton, ” I replied.

“Oh, are you interested in building a new house?”

Brent’s ears perked up… “There’s a cheap acre-half out by us.” Dad added.

At this point I quickly remarked “dad, shut up…we finally agreed on something and now it’s going to get shot to hell.”  ” I guess we’ll stop over for a bit.”

So now it’s looking like we will be buying a lot in the country, eventually building a house, and living there for the rest of our lives.  No city living, no starter home.  I guess god works in mysterious ways.  I think Brent might go to church more often.

(Oh, and we decided on a Pastor for the wedding too…he’s free and agreed to officiate our wedding ceremony.)


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