Thanks for noticing!

I was thoroughly excited to sit in the salon chair last night and have my friend, who happens to be my hair stylist, work her magic.  I have spent the last month creatively coming up with ways to disguise how outgrown and nasty my hair was. 

I would straighten it, which ironically made everyone think I got a haircut.  “um, no.  It’s 5 months overdue for a haircut” I wanted to reply.

Pull it half-back.  (Half backs were meant to play football, not be a hairstyle.)

Wear headbands, which seriously cut off the blood supply to my brain.

There was never a good hair-day.  So you can imagine the glee of leaving the salon looking beautiful once again.  Brent was fully aware that I was getting my hair cut.  Although I wasn’t sure if it would be a trim or a full chopping.  Well I told my magical friend to have fun, within a few parameters.  I left there with a bounce in my step and in my hair. 

I called Brent to discuss some urgent matters, and he asked how I liked my hair?

“I love it, I chopped it.” I remarked

“I can’t wait to see it.” He eagerly added before we ended our conversation.

He was so eager in fact that he came home early.  We sat down and chatted like we normally do.  Brent gathered the garbage and recylcing to take out, I looked for new jobs, like I said normal life.  It was nearing the time I needed to head out for a meeting, so I got my things together and headed out.  However, as I often do, I needed go back cause I had forgotten something.  As I was walking back I realized, “huh, he never said a thing about my hair.”

So being the blunt and honest person that I am, I threw “you never said anything about my haircut, ” at him as I was heading back out the door.

“Oh, Shit.” he exclaimed aloud as he turned around and quickly apologized.

He chuckled as he stated, “You know what’s so funny?  I was looking at you before thinking something looked different, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.  It looks nice, I like it.”

“Yeah, I can tell” I joked.

I smirked as I headed towards the steps before escaping for my meeting.

Brent followed. “You aren’t going to tell anyone are you?”

“Oh yes, you just gave me something to blog about,” and I was out the door.  Laughing in my Jekyll & Hyde manner. 


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