Next time I’ll stay curled up in my pajama’s reading Us Weekly!

Being the healthy and inspiration person that I can be, I thought I’d accept Brent’s offer to go for a run last night.  I was already curled up for the evening in the recliner with my comfy pj’s on reading the gossip of Us Weekly magazine while awaiting Grey Anatomy re-runs (don’t even get me started on the re-run issue for the one TV show I watch).

I got up and changed into my winter running clothes.  This marvelous outfit consists of running tights, an under-armor long sleeve (spandex) shirt, a windbreaker, neck muff, a hat and my “running” gloves.  I was really hoping I’d remember how to run again, since it’s been years since the last run (see archive blogs in October)I was set..and quite honestly for the first mile I was enjoying it. 

We got off to a decent start, however I noticed my tights were crawling downward, while my skin tight shirt rolled up, leaving my blubbery belly open to catching some fresh air.  The image of what I looked like was making me puke, or maybe that wasn’t just that image. Somewhere between the regurgitation of the McDonald’s French fries I had for dinner, and the constant farmer blows, I decided this wasn’t fun any more.  I really was trying hard to think of those great runs that I blogged about so eagerly….yep, pretty sure I wasn’t feeling it.  In fact the sudden upchuck feeling really took the mood away rather quickly.  I veered off the path. Not quite sure why Brent stayed back, maybe it was the gagging and coughing that clued him in on the fact that this might not be something he’d want to stick around for. 

These things happen sometimes.  A bad run is better than no run, right?!?!.  Okay yes, they do happen however I failed to mention that we were merely at mile 2! This is pathetic, and quite disgusting at this point.  Somehow we managed to at least walk on.  As we made our way around the last corner leading to our block I tried to add some optimism to this awful run…”At least I did it.  I didn’t slip on the ice, and what a great way to get some fresh air.”

Cough. Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. 

I’m thinking next time I’ll think twice about a run! Instead I’ll imagine myself curled up on my overstuffed couch, wearing my comfy pj’s, sipping a latte, while watching the premiere episode of Grey’s. 


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