From the jolly red man himself.

I snuck into my niece’s Christmas program last Friday.  Upon witnessing many adorable 4 and 5 year-olds singe and dance, I was also intrigued with a visit from Santa.  Paytee the 2-yr.-old niece who sat contently beside me was extremely determined to get outside immediately following the program.  When I finally got her to focus her scattered thoughts on why she needed to go out there, her curiosity finally caught my attention.

“Heidi, I want to go see Rudolph,” she exclaimed. (She has a fascination with deer, which she might get that from her dad’s/uncle’s/papa’s addiction to deer hunting)

Well, it just so happens that Paytee is slightly afraid to sit on Santa’s lap.  Santa was making his way out the door when I came up with the ingenious idea. 

“Paytee, I don’t know if we’ll be able to see reindeer from on the ground, so maybe you should ask Santa if he brought them.”

Surprisingly, she agreed.  She mustered up the courage to face the jolly red man and ask

“did you bring Rudolph?”

 Santa’s response: No I can’t bring him around in the day time.  People would try to shoot him. 

Actually that was the one sentence that Payton had to hear and she was sharing her rendition of why Santa doesn’t bring Rudolph during the day, only at night.  All week long I heard that people shoot Rudolph….for most families that’d be tragic.  In our family that mean we’d get to hang a reindeer with a red-nose on our wall with the other dead deer, and that’s a trophy!


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