Wow, I’ve reached that age!?!?

Is it sad that one of my most prized gifts this year for Christmas was a Shop Vac.  I think I’ve hit a whole new level of Christmas excitement this year, and I’m being completely serious here folks.  I’m little saddened that Christmas now offers practical gifts such as these that can now leave a small gap in the wedding gift registry.  Ooh, maybe now we can ask for a portable vacuum for when Brent accidentally backs into the plant stand at 11:30 PM and spews dirt all over the floor.  The Shop vac was a little much for that! Although if there were water with that dirt, the Shop vac would’ve been all over that mess!  Yep, I’ve reached that age.


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One response to “Wow, I’ve reached that age!?!?

  1. I like shop vac’s. But then again I have probably reached that *certain age*


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