Good effort Heidi!

Thanks to the idea that setting a resolution of exercising everyday, I strongly encouraged Brent to join me for a run.  Looking back, I’m pretty thankful he joined me for the simple fact that I may have been curled up on the side of the road from hypothermia. We bundled up in our warm fuzzy clothes, slapped on a hat and gloves and out the door we went.  I think we were both taken back a bit at our first breath of outside air. 

We quickly began running, and progressively the run was being decided to get shorter and shorter.  I’m not sure if the point of my hands and feet turning numb, or my lungs and nose freezing with each breath I inhaled, that we decided to head back in.  Quite frankly I really was happy that we made it 2 miles.  It took a few hours of warmth, and a few thousand puffs on the inhaler to return to normal.  Note to self: Athsma and -10 degree weather don’t mix for a good run! But thanks for trying 🙂

Tonight will be a nice evening at the Y.


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