Drug addict and disability!

My little brother has the worst luck.  His new year’s resolutions included quitting smoking, and getting in shape for his boarding trip out west. 

He took his efforts to the gym last week.  However, it’s been a while.  He apparently over-did it just a wee bit.  He TORE his pectoral muscle. There is a nice rock hard bulge of torn tissue currently making itself home in his chest. 

Ow! My thought exactly.  Well, in order to ease the pain he went to the doctor to get some relief.  In turn he was prescribed Oxycontin.  Eek.  Working in prevention, I know the ease of addiction on that drug, and the market value.  I’m now slightly concerned for his future. 

This all began a few weeks ago, when I was able to score some Nicotine patches for him.  The price of smokes just went up $1. on Jan 1.  I work in tobacco control, so he felt confident to call me for guidance…. “Hey Heidi, can I use the patch while being on Narcotics?” was the greeting I received when answering my phone. 

Apparently, he did enough damage that he also is on short-term disability from work.  I swear that kid has the worst luck! Let’s just hope he does quit smoking after all this is over, however sitting home, not being able to do anything doesn’t mix well with trying to quit smoking.  So far so good…he has successfully been smoke free for 5 days.  (At the prices of $6.75 a pack, he can’t afford to be a smoker again!)

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