We’re having a heat wave!

A tropical heat wave, da da da da da… You know that song.  I remember hearing it in the movie Grumpy Old Men.  I stepped out the do this morning and the once heaps on snow is now a muddy, sloshy mess.  Our driveway, once covered in a layer of plastered snow, then ice, is back to the boring old black top with puddles abound. 

I’m a fan of snow.  The few things I like about spring include: My birthday, the beginning of life again, and the notion that soon it will be summer.  So in my head, it seems like it’s Spring right now, except there is this one thing that keeps bringing me down…It’s only January.  Normally we only get winter weather in Jan and Feb.  I must say the “white” holidays was nice, but I’m not ready for the snow to leave just yet.  I haven’t even been skiing yet?!?!?

Not that I want sub-frigid temps like last week (with wind chill reaching a -20 degree mark), but I also am not ready for puddle jumping in January!


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