Cancer Sucks!

My Aunt is this amazing person who has arms of wraught IRON, is the sweetest most adorable, best mom, best chef, best person to make you feel good, ridiculously fashionable, and all together one of those people you’d think you should despise, but they are so sweet, you just can’t ever find a reason to get mad at them. 

Deep breath.  Yep…pretty much amazing. 

She once again is parading her amazingness.  She is a match as a bone marrow donor for her brother who’s been suffering from leukemia for a few years.  Today she heads down to Loyola University in Chicago (just down the street from my old neighborhood) to receive injections that make her create lots of blood cells, I think….. you know what, she says it so much more sophisticated….so you really should check out her brother’s caring bridge page.

Since I started fundraising and running for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 4 years ago,  I’ve come across so many amazing things that are happening to save millions of people’s lives.  Do you know they don’t have to drill into your spine any more to get the bone marrow!?!? (Well not in her case they don’t)  She simply gets these injections, gets tapped for her blood in one arm, which then gets separated from the stem cells and then get the rest of her blood back. 

It’s an act of God that she is a match to save her brother’s life.  Truly amazing…please keep them in your prayers.  Also, consider visiting Stan’s caring bridge and leave note in the guest-book….even if you don’t know them, it really makes their day!

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