It pays to shop at Goodwill.

Hard to believe it has been 6 months since the proposal.  With 9 months left to plan and explore all the ways to save money I thought I should figure out where we are in our budget.   Up for the challenge, I set out to prove every bridal magazine WRONG!  I don’t need $25,000 to have a magical day of my dreams.

Here’s a few prizes I scored at minuscule of the price…
Bridal Gown- $19.29 ($179.29 after it was shipped from china)  Simply amazing, and there is not another one like it out there…unless you decide to start shopping on ebay
Alterations are under $100. at Quik stiches in New London.
Flower Girls dresses- again ebay $10. each ($25. after shipping)
Flowers- total cost $300 (10 boutinerre’s, 5 corsage’s, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, and of course the bridal boquet) Under budget by $300.
Invitations/place cards/programs/engagement announcements/RSVP- I made them all, cause that’s the kind of person I am.  With postage our total is $142.
Bridesmaid dresses are being orderered online at Netbride
Hotel Room and Groom’s tux are free, and we won our all-inclusive honeymoon to Costa Rica
I have so many more to share…but I have a few suprises too. 

With a DJ, and cake left we are well on our way at sticking to the budget.  As we stand now, we are even slightly under…..that takes a thrifty and determined bride, the internet of course, and amazing books like Bridal Bargains (see below)


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  1. The goodwill is a great place to go shopping for goods to resell on Ebay.

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