Thank god for the internet!

In my efforts to fall asleep last night, I tossed and turned and finally at 3 AM decided I needed another effort to make me sleepy.  I jumped into the hot-seat of the office chair and sped through wedding sites in search for the bouquet of flowers that fit my taste and my wallet.

I came across a few that made my heart shout with joy.  I found several that will ship you fresh picked roses (dethorned and all) with whatever other flowers you choose, for pennies.  Well in term of a wedding budget it is pennies in comparison to the grand scheme of things. 

 So here is the decision that has been taking a lifetime to decide…
75 Vendela Roses (ivory), 30 Miniature roses in champagne, a pinkish-coral  hypericum berry, and creme and pale pink alstromeria (look like mini lily’s) from the best website ever…and the cheapest.  Over 100 roses for $99. including shipping. or

For anyone out there planning a wedding, by far the best wedding purchase thus far has been Bridal BargainsBest $15 dollar investment that has saved me literally thousands already! I’d highly recommend you buy this first and read cover to cover! 

You’ll never have to ask for those pages back!


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One response to “Thank god for the internet!

  1. Val

    Hello there,
    Love the bridesmaid dresses, just what I’m looking for. Noticed you purchased them on Netbride, but do you remember the designer, style, and colour?

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