Let’s talk about me for a while!

Do you ever get those emails where people have to reply to tell you how awesome you are…. well I just got some, it’s so entertaining.  The fiancee even sent one to me.  It’s fun to see yourself through other’s people’s eyes.  What are their impressions of me? 

Well, according to others I’m full of energy, I smile a lot, and I like to travel.   I like lots of colors (green, yellow, blue, pink) all which are very nice colors I must admit.  I have a talent for taking pictures and scrapbooking them, curling my tongue into the shape of a clover, and singing karoke (thanks to college bar tending).  I run (kind of) marathons. My music style ranges from hip-hop to country (not to be missed is 80’s rock).  There was no doubt that I am an outgoing person, however there was some discrepancy between wethher I follow the rules or am a rebel.  (I guess that depends on who was responding, and what the really know, or who they are comparing me to). 

 So just in case you didn’t know me before…I guess you have a beter idea now!

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