The difference between a man and a woman!

The fiancee and I were “discussing” our hobbies, and he suggested we find a winter hobby.

Me: Your summer hobbies are expensive enough

The fiancee: What do you mean?

Me: A Harley is an expensive hobby!

The fiancee: I see that as both of our hobbies cause you enjoy riding on it too.

Me: (Laughing slightly) Right, and I’m sure that I would be riding it everyday if you weren’t in the picture.  I go along with you so that we can spend time together…but I don’t think you could consider it a joint hobby.  I don’t remember the last time we were in the Harley store I couldn’t pull myself away from all the parts and accessories.  Now, scrapbooking, that’s my hobby!

Case Closed right? Wrong.  Later in the evening he kept making references to sexual innuendos suggesting he was expecting something that night. 

Me: Honestly, it’s getting really nauseating to keep hearing all that crap.  Even if you were getting something tonight, you aren’t any more.  Just drop it.

The fiancee: (defensively) You said you were cold, I was just wondering if your nipples were hard.  I wasn’t suggesting anything.  It’s you that can’t stop thinking about sex. I never even suggested it!

Right…Okay, honestly women, am I missing the boat on this one completely? please let me know.


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