Excuse me, this isn’t college, buddy!

Planning for a weekend getaway with the future brother-in-law and family in northern Wisconsin.  Essentially it’s a time for the adults to get together and have a good time and a bunch of kids to whirl around and make their own fun.

Normally I wouldn’t consider myself someone who is brand loyal to anything.  However We have rules about certain things….like vodka.  The fiancee is picking up the “snacks” on his way home.  He calls to ask what I want.  Being the lush that I’m not, I was satisfied with whatever was on sale.  However, I quickly was concerned.

Do to the fact that I already have rubbing alcohol in the house, I pleaded that he DOES NOT get Gordon’s, or Smirnoff.  I’d prefer Absolute, SKYY, Grey Goose…clearly I’m a vodka connoisseur.  What does he find???? Phillip’s.  Honestly what is that crap.  I asked if he was planning on having to prevent an infection on a cut, cause I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be drinking that.

There are rules, and clearly I’m not getting any younger.  Once again, it was a sign that I have kissed my college days of cheap alcohol good bye for the simple fact that I am planning to taste the alcohol as I drink it, not cleanse my inner organs! Clearly now at the ripe age of 28 I can claim I am a vodka connoisseur!

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