Looking through the Classifieds…

For almost six months I’ve been carrying the title: “I have no idea what I want to do with my life” and hence the many blogs of my quarter life crisis. Which brought me to the conclusion that I have no desire to continue my current job.

Hmm. Great job, Heidi.  However that brings us to the next question: What do I want to do with my life.  Well you see there is this list, my life list.  And quite frankly I have done a good majority of those things.  But somehow in that life list I need an income to support my list (which currently consist of exotic vacations throughout the world).  And I’m getting married and building a house, so the idea of picking up and joining the Peace Corp is a bit more difficult right now.  So looking at the drawing board for the last few months I finally decided to begin the application process at a few chosen locations. 

In my last couple rounds of job applications I set out with the “I NEED A JOB” mentality.  However this time, it’s kind of nice because I’m not desperate.  I have a good job, that gives me a live-able wage, flexibility, opportunity, benefits, etc. My school isn’t closing, I’m not moving 300 miles away, it’s just that what I do, isn’t my passion.  And slowly, I’ve become more irritated and less content with work life.  But I essentially can stay here as long as I want, and my boss is now aware of this frame of mind I have, and he’s willing to make arrangements so that my current job lines up more in line with what I REALLY want to do.  Now what job offers that option?!?   

But, I need options.  I need to know what else is out there.  I’ve always had a plan to guide these decisions.  (Note that is a different list than the life list…I’m slightly obsessed with lists).  I’ve always had a plan, but I really want to get rid of the plan. I don’t want to have to provide boundaries on this one.  However, the inner battle I’m having with myself still needs some guidance.   I’m becoming more perturbed with the fact that our educational systems requires us to figure out what we want to do with our lives at the ripe age of 18….and we get streamlined into common professions, because we don’t realize there are more options out there than being a teacher, or nurse.  huh.  Okay I feel a little better now.  So, in exploring my options I’ve decided that I have a few rules, which is ironic ’cause I’m not one that likes to follow rules, yet I am a law abiding citizen. 

The rules of my job search include: starting teaching salary in Wisconsin is not a live-able wage. I need to have the flexibility to take my vacation whenever I want, which includes non-peak travel times.  I need to be able to work with youth (preferably high school, but younger and older are also encouraged), I want to be free to explore non-traditional ways of making a difference, I want to remain living in the Fox Cities area. Travelling  in acceptable and encouraged in my line of work.  I must have  a computer from the 20th century and thus access to the technology tools that allow me to effectively “network” with other professionals: youth are professionals too (therefore email is not my sole form of communication options).  I need to have the opportunity to be truthful about my life experiences and not pretend the real world doesn’t exist.  I need to continue to have opportunities to learn…which doesn’t require me to have a master’s- cause I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, and I’m sick of “investing” thousands of dollars into an education that is sending me back to square one (Do I really want to do this for the rest of my life? What do I want to do?).  Umm, and I like to laugh and have fun at work.  Oh yes, and if possible, I like challenges and meeting new people.

However, job postings rarely indulge the truths behind the job duties (including wages, which drives me crazy!) It’s a set of misleading information that you can interpret to mean whatever you choose. 

If you have further recommendations, or are aware of a job opening that might fit my criteria…please share!


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