Signs of Aging

I came home from work on Friday STARVING.  I needed to eat pronto.  Since I had absolutely no ambition groceries in the house to make a decent dinner, we ventured out of the confining walls of our apartment.  Since looking for houses and realizing the money we don’t have to buy one, we been on a restricted budget, a budget that has not included eating out.  But this time we splurged.  With an entertainment coupon in hand we dashed off to a local restaurant for some chow.  A whole 45 minutes later, we were looking at each other thinking….hmmm now what?

Our bellies are full.  It’s been so cold we are still in hibernation mode, thus the thought of “going out” didn’t sound particularly inviting.  We could return to our regular routine of slumping ourselves on the couch and watching movies or playing Guitar Hero…although both have seemingly sucked the blood right out of us.

“Well, I need supplies. We could stop at Walgreen’s.” Walgreen’s it was!

 Brent is typically the kind of guy who prefers to get in and get out. But seeing how we had absolutely nothing to look forward to, and the 3500 calories I just consumed were about to instantaneously turn to fat, we opted to peruse the aisles of Walgreen’s.  We gallivanted through the Health and beauty products, assesed the ingredients in the different chapsticks available, compared unit prices, and checked out the newest trends in Valentines.  By 8 PM we had mastered the contents of the aisles, and had run out of places to wander, it was time to vacate the premises.  I took my token item to the counter and Brent walked out with a bag of supplies in hand. 

Noting in the car, that we were pathetic, we at least decided to make a stop at Family Video.  It’s back to the norm, homemade popcorn and a movie, plopped on the couch.  If this is entertainment at 27, I can’t fathom the excitement that age 40 will bring?!?!?


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