Free from the confines of work

No, I didn’t leave my job (i wish), this post is actually about my mom.  No she didn’t leave her job either (she wishes).  No this is about something much more serious than that. 

Have you ever gotten a message from a dear friend to check out some amazing website, or video or something where the sender just raves how amazing it is.  So naturally at work, you completely justify how you should be able to increase your knowledge on technology tools to make your life easier.  So you eagerly click on the link only to find….”you do not have sufficient privileges to access this website.”  Every time I see this I want to send an open letter to the IT department. 

Dear IT department,

I recently was researching some essential matters to enable me to do my job better.  However the existing firewall restricts my access to thelatest gossip and feel good messages that are essential in my survival through this retched work day!  much needed technology tools to do my job more effectively.  I’m looking download videos to create educational trainings presentations.  I promise I’m not looking at porn or buying/selling anything illegally.  I guarantee I will be more effective in my job if I am allowed to have access to these essential tools, I will be saving the compnay hours of loss productivity time recreating already existing training materials. (sometimes you have to throw the big bucks at them, even if it is total BS) 

The little peon that you only know through my email account and the help line.

PS. The little game you play with our minds is really messed up.  I’d like to have access to see what the hell you do everyday on your computer.

And miraculously sometimes it takes a little pushing and you get what you want. 

Today, my friends, my mom gained access to my blog.  This is a first step for her to experience the real world outside the cement walls of her office from 8AM-4PM each day.  Hooray for gained access!

Now if I could just gain access to control the US treasury, life would be fantabulous.


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One response to “Free from the confines of work

  1. Mom :)

    YEA!!!!!!! I’m FREE!!!!! This is FUN!!!

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