This is too much for 24 hours.

The fiancee and I hunkered down and decided to put an offer in on a house that we mutually agreed upon.  Which I’m feeling compelled to write on the calendar, because agreeing on these issues doesn’t come easy, and doesn’t happen often.  Either way…we did it.  Then we waited.  I waited for the Realtor to call.  I kept my phone with me in all of my meetings, on vibrate in my pocket so I could jump up, and head out to negotiate an incoming counter-offer.  All day I waited.  I jumped up several times just to double that no one had called.

Finally, the work day ended.  I was getting annoyed.  I made it home and was still waiting.  I ran to the bathroom and wouldn’t you know it the phone rings.  Of course I didn’t get there in time.

So I called back completely prepared to play the game and give them our next offer.  Except.  You’ve got to be freaking kidding me….What do you mean he accepted the other persons offer….But it’s not official…he could still counter our offer…Clearly he doesn’t know how to play this game very well! Seriously Mr. 70 year old man who is desperate to get rid of this house already, the place hasn’t been cleaned in years, what do you expect.  We are so fighting.  (to be continued at a later date). PS you suck at this game!

Only minutes later the phone rings.  One of my most favorite places was calling.  They wanted a phone interview…I humbly agreed.  What? I’ve been invited to audition for a Challenge day leader in California on March 1st.  It was to the point that I was skipping, literally, around the apartment! Nevermind the fact that I have no money right now to pay to get out there.  And never mind the fact that if I get asked back after auditions I’ll be spending 6 months in California training for the JOB OF MY DREAMS and the fact that I don’t know how that is all going to work out with the living situation, or what the economic impact might be.  This is just a fabulous moment of glory.

It was. It is.  Except this morning I woke up and I swore I was pregnant.  It was beyond just dreams.  I had true morning sickness. I was totally gagging over the smells and sight of different foods.  Oh my god, I’m late!  okay, maybe I’m only late about 8 hours, but regardless, it’s still freaked the shit out of me.  I have to know.  So I headed out of the house in my pj’s.  Do you realize the none of the stores in my ho-dunk town sells prego tests?  I went to the next town.  Bought the best one I could find, came home and slammed a few glassed of water…..Thank god.  Cause if I was prego, I would be delivering a baby on our wedding day.  There’s something about a combo bridal/baby shower for the same person that is just a little too red neck for me. 

I’m not really sure what the plan is at this point, but that would certainly have put a kink in it!

I think I’ll be treating myself to a glass of wine tonight and a bubble bath.


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