Waking up shouldn’t be this difficult!

Getting out of bed every morning is getting more and more exhausting.  Last week one day, I actually woke up at the butt crack of dawn, even before the fiancee.  He’s an early riser.  He has his routine, and honestly I don’t even know what it all entails, because while he’s gallivanting around the apartment doing his thing…I’m in bed.  Sleeping to the last possible minute.  It’s not until he is out of the shower that I get up and make a b-line for the shower.

The fiancee is already awake, chipper, and ready to go to work.  I on the other hand am not.  I’m the worst morning person I know.  I am tired, crabby, incoherent, and a host of  some morning breath stank.  It’s not a time I choose to spend cuddling or making life decisions, like what am I going to wear to work today.

Today, like many  others was the same.  However today, it’s 40 below with the wind chill.  The snow drifts in front of the garage door were as hard as concrete.  The garage was a shelter for little miss stratus, but it was by no means a warm home for the night.  Now, my office has issues with the heat.  It’s either 80 degrees or 60.  Usually in the Winter she runs a steady 80.  Noting that I will be in the office all day today, I was really struggling over the decision, what am I going to wear!

In order to pay off my ever growing debt, I put a restraining order on myself from the mall. Thus the closet is staring back at me the same way it always does.  I think secretly this morning the clothes were all laughing at me, mocking me! They have been neatly hung since the new year, in order to the colors of the rainbow (No I’m not norotic or even organized for that matter, this is just a fluke of nature for me! Although I must admit, the heaping pile of laundry and I are so fighting!) I was for sure wearing pants over a skirt…which can pretty much stay in hibernation for a while.  I wanted something comfortable.  I was leery about long sleeves, cause the 80 degree temps I could expect at work.  And I have a big furry parka I wear on day like these.  If I wear too many layers I feel like the abominable snowman. 

Well, I’m here.  I’m at work, dressed nicely in short-sleeved gap shirt with cap sleeves, with a tank underneath.  It’s not 80 degrees in the office.  It’s cold.  I’m wearing the parka and the scarf.  It’s safe to say, today would have been so much nicer if I would have stayed in bed under the warm cozy covers.

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