I’m drawing the line

Ever just want to sleep at night, not be touch, not be crowded.  I experienced culture shock when the fiancee and I moved in together.  It meant I was sharing MY BED every night. (Yes I am living in sin).  I am the kind of sleeper who lives to sprawl.  I must lay on the right side of the bed, that’s my spot.  After almost a year of living together I finally got it back and I must say I have fewer restless nights.  However, I also have a tendancy of laying slightly diagonal.  The fiancee on the other hand likes to roll on his side towards the center and suffocate me in my sleep.  I like to pull the blankets up all the way to my chin. He likes to pull his feet out, and roll the covers down to about his chest. Which, I wouldn’t mind so much if he were sleeping on HIS side.

It’s been over a year of compromising our sides.  Last night my feet touched his as we were nestled in.  Every time things like this happens, it’s like a broken record of where the middle of the bed is.  He’s suggested several times to have a string hang down from the ceiling with a ball on the end or something, like some one would have in the garage to determine if the car is in as far as it should.  However, this is our bedroom, not the garage.  I refuse to have a string with a ball on it marking the middle.  My argument was with all the “drafts” in the bedroom, it’d forever be swinging and we’d still be arguing about where the middle is.

So at the ripe time of 11:34 PM, the fiancee hopped out of bed.  I laughed, cause I had a notion I knew what he was going to do.  He would put an end to this broken record of an argument, by grabbing a tape measure.  He measured the width of the bed (160″), we determined middle would be 80″ (Yes I went to school in New London). 

My bed is a mission style, with wooded beams along the headboard.  It just so happens there is a beam located at 80″ mark.  We actually had to measure several times to make sure we knew exactly which beam was the middle.  Finally, he scrounged for a neon post-it to mark the middle beam.  Yes, I have a neon green post-it in the middle on my bed.

You know what this means…war.  Since we now KNOW where the middle is, I will make sure he is aware of each and every time he crosses the line!

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