A little piece of heaven.

I ended my stressful, uncoordinated day with a visit to Ella’s Deli which might have the best dessert in the Universe!  I opted for the Number 1…grilled pound cake topped with an amazing turtle fudge sundae, complete with homemade vanilla ice cream, layered with butterscotch and hot fudge.  Rounding out the sundae with a few warm roasted pecans and topped with a puffy cloud of whipped cream.  It was so amazing I was clapping when it was placed in front of me. 

(4 hours later)

Thankfully, Erin inspired me to get back on track.  I have run 6 marathons and a few halves.  They are getting boring and monotonous.  I’ve always wanted to do a tri, and ultimately an ironman.  Quite frankly I’ve never been gitty about swimming.  But in my haste of packing for the business overnighter in Madison, I did pack my swim suit, complete with my cap and goggles.  I am off to the pool now for a few laps.  This is a huge step towards ending my spree of inactivity in February.  I think I have to agree with Krista, February SUCKS.  On March 1st I have scheduled a 3 mile run.  I know it’s little, but again…I have something scheduled, which is much better than sitting on my computer chair for hours.

And the idea of all this is gratifying to the 10th degree.

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