Amazing what happens with a little sun!

Good bye winter slothness.  I know it’s nothing exciting, but I am off the couch and working out.  Thanks to inspiration and motivation, disguised as the bright shining sun, I am making my way at getting back on track. 

On Monday I did something I never do willingly, I ran a hill workout.  It may not have been pretty, and I pretty sure after five minute my entire body was doused in sweat. (although I must admit: I’m one of those sweaty girls anyway).  I had a good burning sensation working it way into my hamstrings and butt.  Surprisingly yesterday I woke up and was still able to walk.

That brings us to Tuesday, once again I dared myself to do something I wouldn’t normally do willingly…swim.  The funny things about swimming, no matter how bad I really am, I always envision myself being a buff Olympic swimmer.  I have this dream to complete a triathlon and someday and ironman, but I am deathly afraid of the swim.  I have heard horror stories, and I know it’s my weakest link. So the fact that I actually swam 16 laps was extremely exciting to me.  I loved the burning sensation in my shoulders….it was so exciting I stayed in the water for some water jogging and a few 3 minute intervals of treading water. 

Today it’s back to the road, which is black once again.  The ice spots have faded to a few select locations which allows me the chance to dodge them. You’d never guess it’s still in the 30’s with predictions of more of the same old (freezing temps, snow, rain, more snow, wind chills, more snow and freezing temps). 

But as Kayne West so eloquently states: That that don’t kill me, will only make me stronger… Happy jogging


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