I bet you I did something today that you didn’t

I met Lance Armstrong.   sigh.


Lance was the guest of Honor today at a rally for Smoke Free Air.  I try not to mix business with personal blogs, but that line is very fuzzy today.  I was graced by his presence in our efforts to prevent tobacco  from claiming thousands of cancer patients…to improve the quality of air in all workplaces and create a healthier Wisconsin.  Lance has served in many capacities to help fight cancer.  He has been involved in politics himself in work with Federal and Texan policy.  As Lance Stated “Cancer doesn’t discriminate.  It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican; White, African American, Native American or Latino.  It does not care if you are wealthy or poor, it kills all of us equally.  Therefore we must take the measure to prevent it from harming everyone.”

I didn’t realize his connection to Wisconsin.  No he is not a Packer fan (although he did share that he advised Brett not to retire yet).  His origin to a once tiny bike shop in Waterloo, WI.  As he stated, “when I first signed with US Postal Service in 1998, I was forced to switch to a Trek bike.  I wasn’t really excited about it at the time, because I had spent my life riding European bikes.  American bikes have typically been a one-size fits all kind of bike.  Well, I guess you can say it work out alright for me. (audience applause, cheering) Trek bikes have grown to be the leading seller of bike world-wide.”

As you can imagine I was in line for an autograph….


And I succeeded…

It was magical! Magical in the sense that I have his autograph and several pictures to drool over while I think about training for a race again (or not).  Truth of the matter is, I saw him, up close.  While we didn’t have the chance to talk racing strategy, I’m sure our paths will cross again.  Maybe at his 3rd annual ING appearance? Maybe we could run together, yeah right…I’d trip over my tongue and slip on my drool. But thanks for trying 🙂 I’ll just keep working to prevent cancer instead!



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2 responses to “I bet you I did something today that you didn’t

  1. Larry

    I have been a Wisconsin resident for only 7 years, but I can’t figure out why it is such a big deal to make workplaces (including restaurants, bars, etc.) smoke free. JUST DO IT! If everyone is smoke free, there is no advantage to one community over another. Come On, Wisconsin Legislature – ACT NOW!

  2. sunshinequeen

    I’m with you 100%. Wisconsin will literally be the ashtray of the Midwest. I also don’t understand why they think it takes 3 years to post a no smoking sign and resmove the ashtrays. IT’S TIME!

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