A New Outlook

As I was trying to convince myself to fall asleep last night, I finally reached for the book Eat, Pray, Love (yes, I’m still reading this book), which I might add astonishes me every time I read it.  I won’t give it away…but there is a scene that is so beautiful,  and so true….following the steps to freedom.

In dealing with past relationships, well one in particular, I always felt like it ended really harsh and abruptly.  Somehow I always envisioned that someday there would be closure,  after all it was 4 years of my life.  But I came to the realization last night while reading…I don’t need him to literally talk to me, to apologize, to relive the mistakes we made,  in order feel that there is closure.  I need to forgive myself and allow myself to be loved the way I deserved to be loved. 

So once again, Elizabeth Gilbert graced me with yet another aha moment last night.  While I may not be the morning person that my fiancee is, I woke up with this morning with a little more room in my heart to accept his love, and a few less clouds in my head. 

I am good enough!


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  1. LW

    Ha! I am still reading this too. I am almost finished now, and the book has definately made me think differently about some things in my life too.

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