Intimate, classy and economical!

Those would be the words I like to refer to when describing our wedding.  I am a bargain shopper at heart.  The thought of even $10,000 on our wedding still gets to me from time to time.  I’m happy to report, with six month left we are still on track to be under budget.

To give you an idea, we are getting married in early October at my parents house.  While the fiancee are outdoors type people…hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc. We added a touch of “us” and our personality to the wedding.  Thus….


While I was hoping to have brown bridesmaid dresses, it was impossible to find a shade that matched and didn’t look like the color of baby dootie….We just finalized the decision on the bridesmaids dresses.  Originally the girls picked this dress in palomino (color shown)

But, as I was shopping for bargains (it’s second nature) online I found this one, which is a bit cheaper, slightly more elegant, and less fru-fru-ish.  Not to say I didn’t like the other one I DID, but I think I like this one fits our wedding better. It’s still the same color: Palomino- which is almost a tan/brushed gold color.

Thanks to lovely websites like, either dress  can be acquired for less that $125 (including Shipping and Handling, there is no sales tax).  Much better than the $145 +s&h, tax quoted by bridal shops.

Update:  Many of you have request the designer and style number- both dresses are After Six.  The second picture is After Six: style 6504 Tea-length Matte Satin v-neck dress with empire waist and Chiffon draped sash with bow detail at front side. (Sizes available 0-28, and 0-28 Extra Length.) It seems as though the first picture style has been discontinued (I believe the style number was 6503? )The closest I can find to that style is After Six Style: 6280- but it’s not available in Palamino color, cameo or iced gold would be the next closest thing.



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12 responses to “Intimate, classy and economical!

  1. Pam

    what is the brand of your bridesmaid dresses? (2nd pic)

  2. sunshinequeen

    They are After Six I believe the style number was 6505?!?!

  3. Sharna

    I am a South African but absolutely love the first dress. I am a bridesmaid at my dear friends wedding next year. Her theme is blue and silver, do you know where I can get this dress in blue?

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  5. Kristina

    I was searching for some classy bridesmaid dresses and stumbled across this…I come from a family of hunters myself, and I love the idea of the camouflage vests! And lovely choice for dresses, by the way.

  6. Val

    Hello! I was hoping to have this colour dress for my wedding in August (colours are champagne and blush pink) but most of the “champagnes” I have found are too brown/grey and I like the golden tones more. Would it be possible to email me some pictures of your girls in this dress? And maybe you in your dress with the girls around for contrast? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!

  7. Jamie

    Hi! I checked the style number on this dress and a different one came up—any more information you can provide? Thanks!

  8. sunshinequeen

    Sorry, It is After Six: style 6504 Tea-length Matte Satin v-neck dress with empire waist and Chiffon draped sash with bow detail at front side. (Sizes available 0-28, and 0-28 Extra Length.)

  9. sarah

    Where did you find the first dress?

  10. Lisa

    Do you have the information of where to get the first dress?

  11. Susie

    Would love some more information on the first dress…that’s exactly what I’m looking for!

  12. Emma

    I would be so grateful if you could tell me where the first dress is from. It is gorgeous and I would love to get it for my bridesmaid.

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