All in honor of “April Tuesday Dusek”

I always wanted to be creative and mischievous in my efforts to “get” someone in midst of some April Fool’s fun.  Being unprepared for the day, I got on my game yesterday at work while day dreaming.  I broke out into an evil cackle when I thought of the possibilities.

Strangely a few weeks ago I called my aunt who does palm readings.  I asked if I would be getting the job that I was eagerly desperate for.  A few days later she responded with “be patient you’ll get the job.”  But sh also added that there will be a little one on the way in Spring of 2009.  I fretted. 

“Oh no there will not, there is much gallavanting around the country that needs to be done.  A few camping trips and cross country Harley adventures.  This is no time for a baby.”

Fast forward 3 days.  I get the call from the agency determining the fate of my future (job).  They interview team decided to offer the job to someone else, but assured me that I was the first alternate.  Slightly bummed, but also a bit of relief.  I had been searching for houses, jobs and wedding vendors for months, it was getting exhausting.  I was ready to just take a deep breath and relax.  I thought, “well if the aunt was wrong with that, then surely there is no baby in 2009.”

Monday comes, I go to work-same old, same old.  Wednesday I get a random call from unknown number.  And the conversation goes something like this:

“Hi, Heidi, so and so from UW-Extension”
“Hello” I reply with suspission.
“I’d like to offer you the position of youth and family coordinator.”
On the inside screaming and jumping for joy, while displaying the look of utter confusion.
I accept the job, and immediatly notify the fiancce with specific instructions to start doubling up…if you know what I mean.

So, while pondering over practical jokes yesterday, I quickly rememberred the lingering news of my aunts report.  Thus the beginnging of yesterday:

Email to the Fiancee: “Hey, I thought I was supposed to be getting a visit from my bloody little friend.  When I sat down to figure it out, I realized I’m a week late.  I freaked out and went a mission for a test.  Look’s like things will be happening sooner than planned.”

His response: “We’ll talk about it when I get home tonight.”

Email to mom: “I have some unexpected news to share.  It turns out Aunt Jan was a year late in her prediction, as it is Spring of 2008, not 2009”

Mom’s response: Huh?!?!?!

 I totally lost it in laughter, and ended up spilling the truth and Happy April Fool’s wishes, before leaving work yesterday, for fear of news spreading to 50 states, 17 countries, and 4 continents. 

On my drive home I called a girlfriend to share my unruly behavior.  As we were chatting I thought I should continue this, it’s kind of fun!  So she assisted in comprising a plan. 

Ohhh! I rushed home.  I had it all planned, although I couldn’t elaborate as much as I hoped since the fiancee returned home before everything was set.  I did however get a few things moved/hidden/removed.  Thus at 10:30 PM as he was getting ready to call it a night, he jumped in the shower.  He got out, dried off and headed to the bedroom, opened the dresser drawer.

“where the hell are my boxers?”
“I don’t know” giggling.
“You little shit.”
“I’m pretty sure they are still in the bedroom somewhere.  You might want to lay out your clothes for tomorrow just to make sure you have everything you need.”
“What else did you hide?”
“I don’t know!” Turning and walking back to the couch in gut-wrenching laughter as I hear him open all the drawers, dig through the closet, express himself through a few chuckles and cuss words.  (Since he is a morning person, I needed to convince him to do this all at night, since there was no way I would want to wake up to this at the ripe hour of 5:45 AM)

Finally nearing 11 PM, he found the last of mysteriously missing items, and crawled into bed.


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2 responses to “All in honor of “April Tuesday Dusek”

  1. You are a little sinker. I loved it! Anyway, just watch what happens next spring. That little guy is on the way, he has pick Heidi and Brent for his parents as he says that, that is a household full of fun. I will add to the mischieviousness of my mother. She will have a real cute name for me and I will have a nickname that will set people to roar.
    Have fun my dear as your single days are numbered and your just a couple days are numbered. Love you sweetie! Aunt Jan

  2. Megan

    Oh my gosh! I loved your story, AF joke and the prediction (hi aunt Jan)!! Awesome!

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