Cancer still sucks!

In recent days I’ve been reading on stranger’s blogs, and few stories have tugged a few heart strings.  I know many of us have been affected by cancer, and the loss and pain it creates.  Thus, I felt compelled to share their stories.

A few months ago I posted Cancer Sucks! regarding my aunt’s brother who was facing treatment for Lymphoma.  I am happy to report that he is recovering nicely.  However last year I ran a marathon in honor of my 24 year old cousin who passed on after battling leukemia for 5 short months.  I also said good-by to my Grandmother and mentor after a 5-week battle with cervical cancer that had spread to the lungs.  But I know that despite the pain and loss it doesn’t mean we give up…no instead I want to fight harder. 

The night before running the San Fransisco Marathon I was blessed to hear Amy’s Story, and her decision to choose hope.   I have to believe there is hope for these families through the circumstances.

Today as I was reading Not that you asked and the story of little Emily and the hardships that the family must endure to keep their precious daughter alive, my heart went out to them.  I wanted them to choose hope.  Katie & Brain (Emily’s parents) are doing everything in their power to ensure she gets the best treatment ever for her very rare and malignant brain tumor.  It’s not just about the medical bills, but keeping their house, while taking unpaid leave of absence to move around the country to be with their daughter.  Such uncertainty require faith, hope and love, and I commend them.  But I also want to support these strangers.  Not that you asked has set up a Pay Pal account for other to donate to help Emily and her family, there are other options too, please see her blog for more details.

And then there is Keri‘s Story.   She is a friend of Julia’s who authors of my life in transition, as Julia shares her connection and struggle her friend is facing.  I feel as though I know this person through visiting her site and seeing pictures.  My heart goes out to Keri, who at age 26, just underwent a double mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis.  The idea of losing “my girls” would devastate me.  Staying positive through this process then to undergo chemotherapy since the cancer cells have invaded the lymph nodes.  I have to believe that with hope and strength anyone can overcome cancer and become a cancer survivor!

The fact that prior to reading these posts I was fretting over what washer and dryer to buy for our new house, and how we were going to afford our next deposit to the wedding photographer, or how scary this transition to new job, new home, new name, new life could be.  How ignorant and petty it feels now, knowing that Brain & Katie have to give up everything to be with there daughter, not knowing what her outcome will be.  Or Keri who is literally losing a part of her body in her efforts to rid her body from cancer. 

My heart goes out to you, all of you! I encourage you to visit their sites, share your thoughts, help any way you can if you feel so moved.  When you are on the receiving end of these circumstances…they are extremely appreciated!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Keri’s story here as well. Cancer certainly DOES suck big time. But it definitely helps to feel connected with others who care.

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