Adding a perfect touch of desired vintage-ness

Just a quick stop here to announce it: I found it.  It’s not exactly something I haven’t been fretting about, but something I’ve desperately wanted.  A veil, my vintage style, almost fishnet looking veil.  Not being the fru-fru type, it just fits me and I WANT IT! Thanks to A little Bit of This…A Little Bit of That, she directed me to the perfect touch of vintage fun that I’ve been looking for!

((Sigh)) perfection in my own little way…The dead animal fur would add a little warmth too in the event of chilly autumn air!


Now if I can convince vintage glam to sell it to me, so that this search for the veil I want can come to a gleaming end.  Now back to packing and changing jobs.  It might be a few more years before you get a real post out of me.


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One response to “Adding a perfect touch of desired vintage-ness

  1. So fabulous. check etsy…I’m sure you could score one there…or find out where she bought hers. Did you check out her very extensive planning bio also? 99vintageglam is her knot name.

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