Oh, the Places we could go?!

Hello World…I just returned to my blog after a month of survival mode (moving, puppy, new job)…but I found this post and a few others awaiting my approval from several months ago lost in my DRAFTS.  More to come 🙂

I figured it was time to check in, just for an update as to the daydreams I’m having today. 

Amidst packing the apartment for the big move into the new house next week, wrapping up things at the old job, making all the required arrangements for the new job, and non-stop meetings with the Realtor, insurance companies, mortgage companies, etc…. pause…

I’ve been asked several times today how the wedding plans are coming.  
“Fine,” I shruggishly reply.  You do realize that it is still 5 months away and my mind is completely consumed with all the elements stated above (not to mention the fact I agreed to scrub the shower and make a home cooked meal for dinner tonight).

“What are the honeymoon plans?”

::Sigh:: the idea of a vacation is makes me drool a puddle of saliva right into my lap.

But since you asked, the orignal plan was to take up the offer that we “won” an all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica.  Off Course by all inclusive we mean that we still need to cover airfar to and from the location, and any attractions we will most definitaly taking part in outside the resort would still need to be coverred by your’s truly (me).  And while this looks comepletely tantalizing

Cosata Rica can’t be justified in the measly 4 days that the fiance gets to be away from work (Gotta love teachers). 

So, we might have to savor the idea of Costa Rica, all-inclusive luxurious vacation for a time when there is enough time to be luxurious and all inclusive.




Well, if Costa Rica isn’t the plan (which I might add, I may or may not have completely slacked off on getting passport application materials situated in a timely manner), then Where oh Where shall we go?

Originally I was thinking this:

 Sin City- Exciting, plenty to do, lavish yet can be budget friendly.  What could be better than Vegas? Well considerring we have both been a few times, maybe something to be somewhat more romantic, mysterious, adventurous yet relaxing might be the ticket we are looking for. 

Hmm.  Back to the bible of bridal planning book Bridal Bargains. Which notes ways to save money in the process of planning a wedding, and subsequently a honeymoon.  Much to my suprise I realize that September and October is Off Season for Wine Country…can we say Romantic and warm Napa Valley, with friends close in San Francisco that we could possibly have a bit of everything we desired?!?!

 I let you know in a few months where we truly end up?!?!?

Don’t you love the suspense I leave you in 😉


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