Sorry I’ve been away; I’ve had a puppy wrapped around my finger!

Several weeks ago a surprise phone call came: “your puppy is ready”

Having moved into the house exactly 1 week prior, the house was far from being puppy proofed! So we pondered and tried to figure out how the puppy would fit in the unexpected 2 week schedule. Long story short, the last 3 weeks have been some of the most rewarding weeks of my life. 

Without any further ado… meet Guest Blogger…Diesel

 The first night my mom and dad had me they were a little crazy!  They set an alarm and woke up every 2 hours to take me outside to go potty.  I cried when I couldn’t see them, so they took turns laying by my kennel as they convinced me to sleep.  I was really good at sleeping.  In fact the next day we left gma and gpa’s house and I slept the entire 4 hour ride home.  I’m still really good at sleeping.

 While Mom and Dad do have rules, like I can’t go in their bed or on the furntiture (although I’ve been working really hard to change that rule).  One rule that is for certain, I get morning and evening cuddle time with both of them.  Even today!  I don’t quite fit as well into their laps as I once did.  I can’t wait until I’m 80 lbs and sitting on their lap.

But there are other rules:

This is my rug in the kitchen. 

This is my yard.  My parent’s tell me I’m a “Good Boy” when I go potty here.  Which I almost always do, but I really dread it when it’s raining.  The thing that is really cool is that they have all these cool weed things in the grass that get all puffy and fly away.  The taste the best.  Sticks are good too.  I’m still not sure how I feel about the pinecones.

Yeah, that was then…now I’m even bigger.  I learned how to dig when we went camping with my friend Rosco.  Rawhides consume hours of my time.  And somehow my parents keep saying that they don’t get anything done cause they always want to cuddle and play with me. 

Here’s a few final pics.  I might have to start charging, but I’m sure since my mom takes more pictures of me than she will of her first born there will be many more postings with my sweet smiling face. You can watch me grow.  Isn’t this going to be so exciting.  I would really love it if all my mom & dad’s friends and family would come see me.  I LOVE PEOPLE!

Okay, I must get back to wrapping myself around my mom’s finger.  It’s cuddle time!

Aren’t I dreamy!! Trust me, you’ll have dreams about me tonight.



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3 responses to “Sorry I’ve been away; I’ve had a puppy wrapped around my finger!

  1. oh my gosh, I think weimaraners are the most beautiful dogs. good choice! I will gladly look at dozens and dozens of pics of Diesel if you want to post them.

  2. LW

    That is quite possibly the cutest puppy I have ever seen! Those pics just make me want to snuggle with him!

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