Laughing out Loud during a work inservice!


That’s what happens when you check into your google reader only to see you have a billion posts to catch up on.  Quite literally, there was a whole new life of Kritta’s that I had to catch up on (54 new posts), not to mention the wedding planning blogs of Kelly, Danica, and SOOO many others.  I also needed to see Julia’s latest works of art, and Mr. Ironman’s progress.  There was the so much I NEEDED to know. 

However, it was clearly apparent to me in the middle of a 8 hour Microsoft 2007 New Features technology training might not have been the time to check out all these updates.  I had to find a way to prevent myself from gnawing on my arm, clearly a 4 yr old could have figured all that crap out.  However, I can’t call it a waste of a day…I caught up on over a month of unread posts!

So I need to say thanks.  Thank you for rescuing me in a time of need.  I was reaching out in desperation and you pulled through in a huge way!  I may have bursted out into a few chuckles throughout the process, and received a few evil stares from the instructor, but it was worth every second.



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3 responses to “Laughing out Loud during a work inservice!

  1. awww, glad I could help.

    I have been known to laugh out loud at work also. It’s all good.

  2. Liz

    An 8-hr. Microsoft 2007 training is DEFINITELY the time to check your Google Reader. I would have done that and then played with Facebook too.

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