Soliciting help from people who love wedding “stuff”

I’ll warn you this might sound a little redneck-ish. 

We are planning a outdoor wedding with a touch of the outdoors in our wedding.   Needless to say I’ve allowed the camo vests, which were the one thing the groom really wanted,  to take over the wedding.  Prior to being a bride-to-be I had seen some tasteful decorations with deer antlers, but of course now that I am looking…natta. 

I realize most of you might want to vomit at the thought of holding dead animal parts, but I’d really appreciate the design guru’s out there that have a sense fashion (i don’t know that fashion is the right word).  I have faith that this can be done and that I will not have to spend the next couple months agonizing over the design of it all. 

So here you go wedding planners:
Colors are brown and green, I’d like to accent with some pink flowers.  Ceremony is outdoors in mid-October…hopefully peak fall colors.  I’d like to incorporate deer antlers into the bouquets, and other decorating.  My family is quiet the deer hunting family, so we have tons of “spare” deer antlers laying around.  I want to keep the whole wedding about us, and not so much about all the hoopla.  I’m a huge fan of Do-It-Yourself projects.

I’d appreciate any insights, websites or pictures that you may run across that could lead me in a simplistic, yet (struggling with words today- I’m thinking elegant, but no so much)…tasteful direction?!?!


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