The Heaven’s parted and the Angels sang!

As a parent to a puppy you learn to appreciate the little things.  Like GETTING TO SLEEP IN!  The fiance’s alarm reared it’s evil head at 5:30 in the AM as always, which abruptly woke up the dog.  In which case requires letting the dog out of the kennel to prevent agonizing whimpering, getting him downstairs, out the kitchen door and off the porch all before he “releases” himself.  (I have no idea why dog trainer’s refer to peeing as releasing, shouldn’t it be relieving himself?)

Either way, we stay outside for a little bit.  The routine is that he hears the food hitting the dish and he is now AWAKE.  Except today, as he ate I laid in the living room assuming he’d be ready to play.  Instead he made his way back upstairs. He made himself home one of the several pillow shams that always end up on the floor, and never seem to make it back onto the bed.

Sweetness, with a capital S.  He’s chilling out.  The fiance was already in the shower, so thus I crawled back into bed.  Little Diesel let me sleep until 6:15 AM and didn’t attempt to jump up on the bed or bit my nose to wake me up.

It was G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S.  I feel refreshed with a hop in my step and one less pot of caffeine ravaging through my veins. 

I should note he also has mastered giving high fives, and sitting on command.  We are getting closer every day with “lay down.” He always seems to think it means “attack thy hand!”

I promise by friday I’ll download the 346 pictures we’ve taken of him in 5 weeks and share a few 🙂


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