Weekend Warriors

Several weeks ago I had a “just like Old times” girls weekend in my windy city.  While I was prepared for a good time, I had forgotten how we can make entertainment out of any and everything. 

The weekend started pretty chill with just getting drinks in downtown Naperville, strolling the summer heat, people filled streets of Naperville.  Relaxing, intriging, and chill.  Perfect for a friday evening with a friend I haven’t seen in 3 years.  A perfect time to catch up on all the boyfriends, breakups, new jobs, make ups, new homes, and many new stories to tell.  Again, what a nice way to kick off a girls weekend. 

On Saturday, I ventured into the city with fair warning that the festivites for the day entailed a Cub Crawl…aka a Pub Crawl  in sync to the Cubs/Sox game which required us to attend 9 bars in 9 innings.  True to my form there are picture to capture the details.

To begin…it was the GIRLS, of whom several I just met that night and staying true to my form- we bonded ( i made of fool of myself and made everyone all the more comfortable).

Our Classic Self Portrait

A newly invented game of bottle-fucking…

how about from multiple angles…

Lots of Hugs

A bit of serious conversation…

And for the moments that I thougt skipping around the bar would be cool, I could always go back to the sunglasses and become invisible.  I know it’s hard to see us in this picture (shh…don’t tell Christina you can totally see through her sunglasses!).

Although an evening isn’t complete without several fabulous group portraits!

Alas, another great weekend filled with stupidity and humor, but none the less a good time. 

It’s so exciting to think about in 2 weeks I’ll have the manifest of girls weekends with a culmination of friends from Minnesota to New York, High School to new found friends, Small town engaged life to big-city and single friends.  I just got word the marathon running parnter (whose been missing in action for the last 3 years) is able to join us for the weekend festivites.  Yipee. 

Here’s a big thanks to my girls, in all the shapes and forms you seen me in, and still continue to be my friend 🙂

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  1. Christina

    Heidi – that made me laugh so hard, I cried. It made me think about all the great times we’ve had together in short time and to be thankful to know such great people. Thanks! Your awesome!

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