It’s official, my dog is a pervert!

I’ve known for a few weeks that my Male dog has a fetish for chewing things, particularlythings he knows he’s not suppose to have.  However in recent days, sniffing through dirty laundry is quite the treat.  And Damn if he doesn’t come out with my dirty underwear every single time.  Never a sock or towel, never even the granny panties…always my nice little VS designer underwear.  WTF dog!

So yesterday I was digging through the clean clothes laying on the bed in the spare room (yes, I need 2 rooms and yes clean clothes get put away in a pile on the spare bed!)…and found a pair to slip into as I was rushing to get out the door.  Little did I pay attention to the quality of the underwear I just submersed myself into.  Nope, not until I got to work and made my morning visit to the bathroom. 

Apparently in one of those instance of Dog-Stealing-Dirty-Underwear episodes, his dagger teeth instigated a few holes. Probably unnoticeable when they were so nicely removed from dog’s mouth by yours truly and returned to the pile of dirty laundry.  Note: When small holes in fabric go through the washing and drying process, THE GET BIGGER!

Not to mention that he has now figured out how to get excited, that’s all I have to say about that.

That’s it I’m chopping off his balls.  (For those fearing Dog brutality, I should note that means it’s time for nuturing).  The last thing I need is 2 testosterone filled males in the house!

Hard telling if Proud Parents is truly the correct category for this post!

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