75 days and counting

According to the knots wedding checklist I have a few things left to do in the next 75 days.  Here are the items for this month or those that are overdue.  (This isn’t the complete list of 184 items remaining)

! Contact newspapers to announce your engagement (you may need to have an engagement photo taken as well).
! Book reception band or DJ, sign the contract, and send a deposit.
! If you plan to use frequent flyer miles to travel to your honeymoon destination, book your flight now.
! Make sure your maid of honor and best man are aware of what you expect of them — providing a list of their duties will help.
! Start planning the rehearsal dinner. Provide the host with contact information for your attendants and any other guests.
! Finalize menu and service details with caterer.
! Research and purchase wedding insurance, if necessary.
! Start thinking about flower arrangement styles you like, and figure out what flowers will be in season on your wedding day.
! Compile packages for out-of-town guests with hotel reservation and city information, and mail them out.
! Book your honeymoon flights (if not using frequent flyer miles) and make all your other travel reservations.
! Pick out or design a ketubah or other marriage contract required by your religion.
! Brides: Experiment with your beauty routine, self-tanners, and facials.
! Get anything you need for an international honeymoon (passport, birth certificate, visas, vaccinations, etc.).
! Talk to people you’d want to do special performances or readings as part of the ceremony.
! Start addressing invitations or drop them off with the calligrapher (you’ll need to send them out at the two-month mark).
! Start taking better care of yourself (eat right, exercise) so you look and feel great on your wedding day.
! Arrange for all insurance policies to include you and your future spouse: health, auto, homeowner’s, and life insurance.
  Send out invitations (be sure to add extra postage for overseas guests).
  Arrange parking for the reception.
  Begin working on vows, particularly if you’re writing your own.
  Confirm reservations for out-of-town guests.
  Begin writing the ceremony program if you are having one.
  As you receive presents, be sure to update and/or add items to your registry list and record the gifts you get.
Knot Hint: Enter gifts and who sent them into your guest list manager for easy access.
  Arrange for a babysitter for the reception, if necessary.
  Research local marriage license requirements.
  Submit your wedding announcement to newspapers (if you so desire).

Maybe I should note that several of these remain on the list because they are not 100% complete.  My invitations are however.  I’ll post the pic tomorrow, if you’re lucky! 100% homemade.  It’s all starting to seem real.  The shower and Bachlorette party is this weekend.  So I apologize in advance for my lack of posts as I am hosting 13 people at my house on Friday night.


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